Arancini - Italian Rice Balls (Recipe)


Anna rice ball cut

Manga!! Arancini! Here is my Moms simple version.

There are others that have different fillings or simply just cheese! I wish I could get them just as easy as you can in Italy!


Arancini - Rice Balls print version



1 lb rice (short or medium Italian rice) cooked till tender mix into the rice when still warm
1- teaspoon salt
7 cups water
2 eggs
2 tablespoons butter
Romano or Parmesan cheese to taste

To coat
1 box Bread crumbs (unseasoned)
1/2-box bread crumbs (seasoned)
1/2 cup of Romano cheese

For filling

1/2 cup of good Sunday gravy
1 lb ground veal cooked

Create a pocket in a ball of the rice mixture, in the pocket add a bit of the veal mixture

Close the rice around the veal mixture

Using flour, egg-wash and coating mix proceed to brad the rice balls and refrigerate
Deep fry 350F degrees till golden.

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