Italian Meatballs (Recipe)


There are many recipes for Meatballs on the internet which ones do I make?  I mean... I want real Italian Meatballs! know when you ask your Mother on how to make the Italian Meatballs that you crave.  The ones that were fried in lard then simmered in "gravy" ALL DAY, well here is the recipe as it was given to us!

  To this day I  make everything from memory, taste, feel and with visual amounts.  Now I see who I get it from! I'm sure I will get many questions on how much and what to do etc.  email me, I will gladly answer them!

Italian Meatballs (Recipe) print version

Makes a ton of meatballs! About 40 - 2oz meatballs. Written as my Mother had on her recipe card!

4 lbs ground 85% beef

1 lb ground pork

1 box of seasoned bread crumbs

15 large eggs

garlic cloves (1/2 of a garlic bulb) pressed, add to taste

1 cup Coarse fresh chopped Italian flat parsley or add enough to be able to see

season to taste with salt, pepper

1/2 cup of grated Romano cheese or to taste

(here is my favorite part)

Every ingredient is changeable

(I add 1 bunch fresh basil and 1/2 bunch fresh oregano chopped as well as a 1/2 tbsp red pepper flakes. I also have had great results using Progresso seasoned crumbs as well)


Note: Before frying them do a test in the microwave or fry a small patty to be sure the salt level is correct.  Remember that Romano cheese is strong so if you prefer use Parmesan


It's a basic recipe but you have freedom to add dry or fresh herbs etc.

I make them on the large side and fry them till crusty on the outside using lard or olive oil. this takes about 8-10 min or so to crust up a batch.  after frying each batch add more oil or lard as needed and assure it is up to temperature before frying the next batch. They go right into my "gravy" and I then pour all the remaining oil into the pot. Then I add water to the pan and scrape down the brown bits and put that in the pot as well.  As I'm writing this I can smell the aroma through the house!  It is such a comforting feeling taking me back to my great childhood food memories!

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