March 2009

Braided Easter Egg Bread (Recipe)



During the Easter holiday you may find Braided Easter Egg Bread in specialty Italian bakeries.

They also may be ordered in advance to be picked up. Braided Easter Egg Breads make a great gift when you visit friends and family!

The kids love to have a piece that has the egg in it probably just to throw at road signs on the way home from Grandma's house (sorry I just couldn't help it!)

Here is a recipe I found on as well as a great pic from rose'sexperiments on flicker.

After reviewing about 20 on-line I felt that this one would be a great one to try! One addition I would make would be to also add sprinkles on top as well as finish with a lemon icing drizzle.

Easter bread reminds me of the New Orleans Kings Cake. Remember that the eggs are colored and inserted into the braid raw.

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