Pasqua Rustica - Easter Pizza (Recipe)

Easter Pizza

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My Cousin Denise wrote:


Here are two more of our favorite traditional Easter dishes.  Your web site has definitely brought us down memory lane.  Mom & I spend a lot of time talking about all these traditional dishes and when grandma / grandpa would make them.

Thanks for keeping the tradition alive.


This is what! is all about!

Pasqua Rustica - Easter Pizza (Recipe) print version



2 lb ricotta (I prefer whole milk )
1 doz. Large eggs
½  lb Tuma cheese (or sharp Swiss)
½   lb prosciutto (Don't use the expensive one for this)
½   lb Salami

1c raisins (golden)
½  cup grated cheese (Pecorino Romano)


3 cups flour
4 to 5 eggs (enough to make workable dough)
Cheese, pepper and salt to taste


Cut this recipe in half to make smaller amount.

Cut cheese prosciutto, salami in small pieces, set aside. Beat eggs till foamy.

Blend ricotta into eggs and add cheese, prosciutto, salami, raisin and grated cheese.

Make crust. Roll half to fit bottom of a Pyrex Pan.

Fill bottom, cut top crust in strip & cover filling.

Brush crust with eggs. Bake 350% for 1 hr. (45 min to 1 hr. watch not to burn)

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