August 2009

Arrabiata Sauce (Recipe)


Penne Rigate Arrabiata


Here is another great sauce for the abundant tomatoes you may have in your garden.

A you will notice there is similarity between this recipe and Amatriciana Sauce

 With Arrabiata Sauce there is more heat but there is no Pancetta.  Arrabiata Sauce is a simple straightforward flavorful sauce with flames of heat earning its name Arrabiata or the "Angry Sauce" 


The classic Arrabiata Sauce is found served in Lazio, Abruzzo, Moliese and elsewhere in the south. This classic version uses "peperoncino rosso" Crushed Red Pepper and is in the same family as the other preparations that have heat like, Carbonara, Amatriciana and Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

 Because of the simplicity of Arrabiata Sauce use only the best ingredients. If using canned tomatoes make sure you use imported San Marzano tomatoes for the most of authentic tasting sauce.

The preferred pasta for this sauce is Penne Rigate, the Penne Pasta with lines that are designed to catch more of the sauce.

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Amatriciana (Recipe)



Inspired by Bugialli on Pasta

Pasta Amatriciana is a recipe you should consider and here is why!

Many of us have tomato gardens and when it comes time for us to think about what we should do with all those tomatoes we end up giving them away to neighbors and friends.

 This is  great to do but hopefully you'll be able to eat more of them instead of just putting them in salads using them as sliced tomatoes in B.L.T.'s and trying to unload them!

Here is a great recipe that allows you to use all your extra fresh ripe tomatoes. This classic Amatriciana sauce originated near Rome.

The classic version uses crispy Guanciale, but many use Pancetta or Prosciutto and like its cousin, Carbonara  uses pepper. In this case it's Red Pepper Flakes that gives Amatriciana it its heat.

 Because of the simplicity of Amatriciana sauce be sure to use the finest ingredients. It makes a big difference especially considering that there are only a few critical ingredients used.

 An example would be for your tomatoes, if using canned tomatoes make sure you use imported San Marzano tomatoes for the most of authentic tasting sauce. Because you are frying the Prosciutto  I do not recommend using a high cost Prosciutto unless you're using the trimmings off the Prosciutto bone or exterior.

 Be sure not to forget the Romano  cheese should be of highest quality, imported if possible and freshly grated. If you don't like the flavor of Romano you may substitute it with Parmesan. The true classic version is made with Romano cheese 

The preferd pasta for this sauce is Bucatini , the long pasta that has a small  hole the center.


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Lamb Shanks (Recipe)


Lamb Shanks

My first experience with Lamb Shanks was when I was working at a Greek Restaurant, those Greeks could really cook Lamb!

  One of the daily specials was Lamb Shanks and Macaroni.  Their version was rich and full flavored with the taste of a tomato sauce and a touch of cinnamon.

  I give you the option here to add cinnamon if you like, but stayed true to the red wine rosemary braised version.

This is a timeless dish that is great for those lazy Sunday afternoons or even as a departure from the traditional Leg of Lamb

The sauce this creates is wonderful and will go great with the sides I have suggested.  What's great about this dish is that the leftovers may be tossed with your favorite pasta, you simply add some fresh mushrooms or peas and you have a wonderful pasta creation as well.

You will find that there is a similarity in the ingredients and procedure when you compare this to the preparation of Shortribs.  This is because both recipes feature the braising cooking method.


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Stuffed Artichokes (Recipe)


Stuffed Artichokes


If you never made Stuffed Artichokes for yourself, you should give a try! They are better than ordering Artichokes at a restaurant!

  Many times a restaurant will make Artichokes ahead of time and hold them cold to reheat them when they are ordered.

Making Stuffed Artichokes takes a bit of effort but it's worth it.  I suggest you serve it as a  course after your Antipasto  but before your Pasta or Entree.

  You may have your own favorite way of preparing Stuffed Artichokes, if so please share on how it differs from this one.  Enjoy

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