Limoncello (Recipe)


My first experience with Limoncello was not in Italy but in the states.  I was visiting a friend in Wisconsin and he had some homemade Limoncello in the freezer. 

He offered me a small glass of this thick syrupy lemon liquor that was reminiscent of lemon drop candy!  It was great and it called to me to drink more. :-) I'm not sure how much  I drank but it sure went down smooth!

We were also treated to Limoncello  with the owner of the Italian restaurant that I visited during a trip to Rome, Hostaria Dino and Tony!  Since then I have enjoyed it on occasion while dinning out as a nice finish to a meal!

This is a wonderful recipe I have found. Additionally there is a great recipe in, Giuiliano Bugialli's  Foods of Naples and Campania!

 Limoncello is from southern Italy, around the Gulf of Naples and the coast of Amalfi, it may also be found in Sicily and on Sardinia. It is made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water, and sugar. In other recipes the lemons are suspended in cheesecloth over the grain alcohol (Everclear) and held in suspension for a month or so.  After it has is time the lemon are removed and the mix is sweetened and bottled. 

Limoncello is found all over Italy, I have seen it now and then in Italian restaurants that cater to the customer who appreciates authentic Italian food!

Remember the homemade version has a real kick but is wonderful to make and enjoy with your guests.  Plus you have boasting rights that you made it yourself!

Limoncello - lemon liqueur (print recipe)'s Limoncello recipe


approx. 16 Meyer lemons
1 cup sugar
1 750 ml bottle of vodka. Obviously the better quality of vodka is preferred for the best limoncello.
1 infusion jar


Peel all the lemons into strips with as little of the white part as possible and put them in your  limoncello seal-able jar. They should go halfway to the top of the limoncello jar.

A few more or less is not terribly important. Add the cup of sugar first and then the liquor to within 1 inch of the top. Latch the lid of your limoncello jar tightly and shake the mixture vigorously.

Shake once a day for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, strain the mixture into another container (a liquor bottle is a good choice) and place in the freezer.


 Serve your limoncello in your infusion jar or you bay bottle it as gifts! Serve in very small, chilled glasses. (Please enjoy your limoncello, remember this stuff is potent!)

Out of respect of the author, rather than me copying his recipe I recommend purchasing  Giuiliano Bugialli's  Foods of Naples and Campania as well to learn how he make is by simply suspending the lemons.


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