Panino Sandwiches - Panini (Recipes)


Panini are wonderful, simple to make Italian sandwiches!


Panini (small bread In Italian) may be made with sliced artisan bread or a individual roll.  If you ever had a grilled cheese you had a type of Panini!

 My first experience with Panini sandwiches would be in America but the true experience was when I first visited Italy! 

As I walked the streets of Rome I witnessed carts that sold these wonderful yet simple sandwiches which celebrated the local ingredients.


No need for lots of layers of unnecessary ingredients, they were full flavored due to the quality of the breads, cheeses and meats which were chosen!

That is what I love about Italian cooking, keeping it simple, using the best ingredients and preparing the food to bring out the natural taste.


Recently I visited my friends at the Turano Baking Company who gave me a loaf of their artisan Pane Turano.

When I returned home I just had to make a panini on my new panini grill!

Here is what I did to create a very simple but delicious Panini Caprese! 

Panini Caprese (Recipe)

Pannini CapresePanini Caprese

Two center cut slices of Pane Turano bread or you own favorite Italian bread from your local bakery or grocer.

I drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil onto both sides the bread then placed 4 - 1 oz slices of fresh whole milk mozzarella cheese.

On top of the cheese I added torn leaves of fresh basil.

Then came the ripest tomatoes I could find, this is even better with your own home grown tomatoes!


I salted and peppered the sandwich, this is important!

Panini - Don't smash it!

I placed the sandwich on the panini press which was at a medium low temperature setting.  I then adjusted the top plate to just rest on top of the bread.  I set the timer for 5 minutes.

Panini - golden brown!

The timer rang and here is how it looked! Golden brown, crisp texture on the outside, the cheese is melted but the tomatoes not stewed!

Panini Caprese - Just a bit of salt on the outside!

I lightly salt the exterior of the sandwich with sea salt and cut in half on an angle.  And that was it!  Simple and easy to make!


If you don't have a Panini grill you should look into investing into a good one.  I have cooked chicken breast, grilled vegetables and the boys have even cooked burgers on it as well!


  Its great to have for the kids when thy come home from school to make a great snack instead of nuking a frozen retail burrito.


Now that you mastered the Panini Caprese Sandwich why not try some of these great combinations!


Roasted chicken breast, imported parmesan and sun-dried
tomato pesto with baby greens on Focaccia

Smoked turkey breast with pesto mayonnaise,
baby greens and tomatoes on Focaccia

Grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, ricotta salata,
and baby greens, drizzled with vinaigrette on a fresh-baked Filone

Thinly sliced Toscano salame and provolone cheese, zesty
olive tapenade, leaf lettuce and vinaigrette on our Ciabatta Rustica

Roast beef with gorgonzola, pine nuts , tomatoes
and baby greens on Focaccia al Rosmarino

Authentic Italian Inspirations!

Italian-style steamed ham, leaf lettuce, roasted red pepper spread on
a  baguette

Dry salame topped with artichoke spread and provolone cheese on a baguette

Italian mortadella, leaf lettuce and gorgonzola, pine nuts on a baguette

Grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant,roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and vinaigrette on
a baguette

Prosciutto di Parma, leaf lettuce and tomatoes and olive oil on a  baguette

Look for and try these great artisan breads!


    • Rustic Baguette
    • Sour Baguette
    • Sweet Baguette
    • Ciabatta
    • Classic Filone
    • Seeded Filone
    • Olive Oil Focaccia
    • Rosemary Focaccia
    • Sliced Pugliese
    • Sourdough Roll
    • Sweet Roll
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