alla Puttanesca

Alla puttanesca

Alla Puttanesca

Dong some reading as well as what I learned from family, it is pasta "Whores Style".  Ok....I didn't know that prostitutes were known for their cooking.  But check out Wiki for some interesting reading.

I use to think of it as what was in the refrigerator just thrown together.  You know like a bunch of left over stuff sauteed in a pan then tossed with pasta.  After a while it became more standardized with these ingredients.

Recipe makes a little over a quart 5-6 portions over pasta using 6 oz


28 oz can  Whole peeled San Marzano tomatoes, crushed with your hands

1 oz  peeled garlic chopped

1/2 medium onion

6 oz chopped red and green bell peppers

4 oz chopped or sliced pepperoncini

4 oz Sicilian olives sliced

4 oz mixed pitted Greek olives sliced

4 oz sliced black olives

1 oz capers

1 oz fresh basil leafs

 1/4 bunch chopped Italian

1 fl oz  extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tbsp dried oregano

kosher salt to taste

fresh ground black pepper to taste black

1 tsp crushed red chili or more if you like it spicy

4 anchovies chopped


In a large saucepan heat your oil and then add your garlic and brown lightly, don't burn it!

Add your onion and peppers; cook it until it is softened.

Add all remaining ingredients; hold back the basil and parsley to the end of cooking.

Simmer for 20 minutes then add your parsley and basil, adjust seasoning.

Pull your sauce off to the side

Boil your pasta al dente leaving a 1/4 cup of water in the pan

Return the pot to the stove and ladle the desired amount of Puttanesca sauce over your pasta till well coated and simmer till the pasta takes up the sauce.

Plate your pasta and top it with more sauce and fresh chopped Italian parsley for flavor.

I like to drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the top as well.

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