Carbonara Spaghetti


Spaghetti Carbonara

This version is one with cream.  The classic Carbonara is made with egg, pancetta and Parmesan.  You may substitute red pepper flakes if you like instead of the black pepper.

If your not into the pancetta then try using a great smoked bacon.  Some recipes I came across use sweet peas as well.  Not classic but still great.  Click on the image and it will take your to another site Sunset which has the cream free version.


5 oz dry Spaghetti pasta

2½ oz fresh onion diced small

2 oz pancetta raw and  chopped

1 pinch kosher salt

2  pinch fresh ground black pepper

1 Tbsp Italian parsley

4  fl oz Heavy cream

6  fl oz  veal or chicken stock

2 ea XL Eggs Yolks

1  oz  Parmesan, reggianito cheese

1   oz  Plugra unsalted AA butter



Boil your pasta 

Heat your stock with your heavy cream and reserve.

While pasta is boiling cook your pancetta till crispy in a large skillet add the onion and cook till golden.

When pasta is al dente add your pasta to the pan with the pancetta, pancetta fat and onion.

Add the heated cream and stock and bring to a boil, toss and mix till all is incorporated.

Drop your egg yolks into the hot pasta and mix very fast. This will make your carbonara thick

Add half of your grated cheese and pepper; toss.

Plate and top with fresh chopped Italian parsley the rest of the cheese and a bit more of the pepper.

Serve immediately

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