May 2010

Carbonara Spaghetti


Spaghetti Carbonara

This version is one with cream.  The classic Carbonara is made with egg, pancetta and Parmesan.  You may substitute red pepper flakes if you like instead of the black pepper.

If your not into the pancetta then try using a great smoked bacon.  Some recipes I came across use sweet peas as well.  Not classic but still great.  Click on the image and it will take your to another site Sunset which has the cream free version.

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Crepe Batter (Recipe)

Crepe Batter

Many recipes for Cannelloni call for crepes instead of pasta.  I personally like pasta, but for those who desire "Crespelle" here is a recipe.

I use a hot 10 inch non stick pan.  Brush it with oil then add 1 oz or so of batter to the pan.  I swirl it around and pour off the remainder assuring that the bottom of the pan is coated.  When the crepe begins to brown on the edge I take peak.  If its golden brown on the bottom I turn them and cook for just a moment on the other side.

I then take them and stack them onto a plate.

You may use them right away or refrigerate till needed for your favorite recipe.

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Fresh Pasta




Fresh Pasta

Here is another version of fresh pasta which you may also consider for your recipe file.

This is a large restaurant recipe that may come in handy during the holidays!

It makes about 7 1/2 lbs

Egg Pasta


30 ea large eggs

1 cup olive oil

2 oz sea salt

2½ lb  flour

3½ lb  semolina


Spinach Pasta

Makes about 8 lbs


1 lb   frozen spinach thawed and chopped fine

30 ea   large eggs

1 cup  olive oil

2 oz sea salt

3.5 lb semolina

2.5 lb flour


Because this is a large quantity I would divide the recipe in half  or in four if you don't have a Hobart mixer that is large enough to make the whole batch.

You could, I guess make a giant well of the flour and go for it but I would not advise it.

When making pasta in a mixer you add the dry ingredients in the mixer then on low speed add the spinach ( if making spinach pasta) followed by the beaten egg and oil mixture slowly until it starts forming a dough. I use the paddle.

Remove it from the mixer and place the pasta dough onto the bench and knead it by hand until it is smooth.  Add more flour if necessary.

Divide into manageable portions to work with and refrigerate for a few hours before using.


Here is another fresh pasta recipe as well.