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Aglio Olio


Aglio Olio


There is beauty in the simplicity of this classic pasta dish Spaghettini Aglio e Olio.  The clean flavor of the garlic and herbs ring true for those who prefer to taste and bite of pasta but don't want a sauce to overwhelm the experience.

Feel free to modify this recipe and add chicken or shrimp to the saute pan as well, or keep it simple.

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Bechamel Recipe


Besciamella Ricetta

The first sauce I learned to make was besciamellaBesciamella or bechamel is one of the five mother sauces used in cooking.  All it is is a heated milk thickened with a blond roux with salt, white pepper and a bit of nutmeg. Much controversy over the origin of bechamel or as known in Italy besciamella. This is due to the northern region of Italy's proximity to the French border.

Nonetheless it is a sauce you should learn to master.

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Make Basil Pesto

Make basil pesto
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Make Basil Pesto


I have previously posted a recipe for basil oregano pesto.  Here is the basil only version for the purists who desire just the great flavor of fresh basil.

This is a great way to use all the fresh basil that will come from your garden.  Remember that you can freeze pesto and use it as needed right from the freezer. I suggest freezing it in small portions suitable for a few days of cooking.


Remember that the quality of ingredients going in is very important.


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alla Puttanesca

Alla puttanesca

Alla Puttanesca

Dong some reading as well as what I learned from family, it is pasta "Whores Style".  Ok....I didn't know that prostitutes were known for their cooking.  But check out Wiki for some interesting reading.

I use to think of it as what was in the refrigerator just thrown together.  You know like a bunch of left over stuff sauteed in a pan then tossed with pasta.  After a while it became more standardized with these ingredients.

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