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How to Grill Italian Meats

Recently Jordon from Ditalia wrote me and brought to my attention a article on his site that may be of interest to you, How to Grill Italian Meats.  Jordon wrote:

Dear Andrew,

I'd like to pass along a useful article that might interest you and your readers. With warm weather upon us, this can only mean one thing, grilling season!  It's about time to smell the rich aroma of grilling meats coming from backyard barbecues or from the comfort of one's own home. We know Italian food is a favorite delicacy to many, but people may not realize the degree to which Italian cooking revolves around the grill.  This article provides a how-to guide to preparing and grilling the perfect cut of meat, and makes it easy for anyone to be a star on their grill.  It's an article from which anyone can benefit.


Check out the article: How to Grill Italian Meats