Fresh Pasta Recipes

Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi (Recipe)


When I was in Florence Italy I remember having a wonderful dish created with Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi and a light Gorgonzola Cream Sauce.

The Gnocchi were like little pillows of air, light not heavy like some of the Gnocchi bombs I have had in the past!  Here is a recipe for the Gnocchi itself.

For the sauce I would add some heavy cream to a saute pan about 1 1/2 cups, sea salt and fresh ground white pepper, a sprig of fresh basil and 1/4 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese with a little Parmesan.  Toss your Gnocchi in the sauce and add a fleck or two of cold butter and reduce. This is sort of like a modified Alfredo sauce.


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Ravioli alla Ricotta - Ricotta Cheese Ravioli (Recipe)

Ricotta ravioli in bowl


Nothing beats the anticipation of a plate of freshly made raviolis with ricotta cheese or meat filling!

  Raviolis are just one of the classic Italian filled pastas that you should attempt to master!

I just look at that picture and fear comes into my mind, the fear that my brother will get more than me!  We all waited for the call to the table!

There were so many Raviolis on the bed that we had to hang up our coats! The kitchen filled with family all catching up on what's new with who and sharing stories of past times.

 The aroma of a pot of Gravy cooking on the stove, fresh basil growing in the window in tomato cans and the faint hint of gas from an old space heater in the kitchen.

The table was set with a mix match of glasses plastic, metal and cut crystal. The table was covered in special linen and the kids table in newspaper! Homemade Wine on the table in gallons!

It is amazing how food can conjure such imagery! I can just taste them now!

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Ricotta Cheese Filling (Recipe)

Ravioli being filled



The most important thing about this recipe is the selection you make when buying the Ricotta cheese.


Find a Ricotta that is not bound up with lots of starches or gums to tie up moisture.  The Ricotta should be whole milk and drained properly in a colander in the refrigerator, overnight if possible.  Important to also note that you must use flat Italian parsley  not the curly kind as well as good quality Imported Parmesan and Romano.

This recipe does not have salt but will get its saltiness from the grated Romano and Parmesan Cheese.  If Romano is too assertive then only use Parmesan Cheese.

Use this recipe for your Ravioli, Manicotti and Lasagna filling. Also great to stuff chicken breasts with!

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Fresh Semolina Egg Pasta (Recipe)

Fresh cut pasta


When I first attempted making Fresh Pasta I wasn't sure if I could do it?

  After all its Fresh Egg Pasta, and it is made with Semolina, not the stuff from the box that folks reach up and buy, boil and toss with jar sauce and eat.


The majority of people, because of their busy lives, depend on the convenience of ready to cook or heat and serve foods. In the 80's fresh pasta was emerging as the hottest thing in the country.

  To be able to say that the Pasta in your restaurant was made in house was a draw for those who either haven't experienced it or know what it's like to experience this simple but delicious food.

It took me some time and practice and eventually I could crank out a small batch in no time!

Please do not be discouraged If you don't nail this recipe and technique at first. It's worth the time and effort!

I will cover flavored Pasta in future posts.

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