Cooking Sauces

Linguine Vongole



Linguine Vongole is a very popular Naples pasta originated in the Campania region.  I find it prepared two ways, with tomatos or without.

Here is a recipe that is without and one with for your review.

About cleaning and eating clams

This recipe calls for live clams. Here are some important safety tips.

Never buy a clam that's open or cracked.
Never eat a clam that won't open after cooking.
Cook clams within 24 hours of purchasing.
Always brush clams clean before cooking.


Linguini vongole white 

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Aglio Olio


Aglio Olio


There is beauty in the simplicity of this classic pasta dish Spaghettini Aglio e Olio.  The clean flavor of the garlic and herbs ring true for those who prefer to taste and bite of pasta but don't want a sauce to overwhelm the experience.

Feel free to modify this recipe and add chicken or shrimp to the saute pan as well, or keep it simple.

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Bechamel Recipe


Besciamella Ricetta

The first sauce I learned to make was besciamellaBesciamella or bechamel is one of the five mother sauces used in cooking.  All it is is a heated milk thickened with a blond roux with salt, white pepper and a bit of nutmeg. Much controversy over the origin of bechamel or as known in Italy besciamella. This is due to the northern region of Italy's proximity to the French border.

Nonetheless it is a sauce you should learn to master.

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