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Roast Turkey with Basil Pesto and Rosemary (Recipe)

Roast Turkey with Basil Pesto and Rosemary

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Turkey prep 3
Not the best pic but taken with a BlackBerry
Turkey prep 4
Buttered and seasoned, now time to prep for the oven
Turkey prep 5
Cheesecloth on top will keep the breast moist through out the roasting process, foill protects the legs from getting too dark and dry.

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15-20 lb. Turkey
1 large bunch of Fresh Basil
1 Bunch fresh Rosemary
1 oz peeled and chopped fresh garlic
2 Bay Leaves
1 lb. Unsalted Butter
2 Large Spanish Onions
4 Carrots
1 Fennel Bulb
1 Bunch Flat Italian Parsley
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt

• Wash Turkey thoroughly
• Place chopped Celery, Carrot and Onion in a suitable sized roasting pan
• Chop Herbs and Parsley and massage into the softened Unsalted Butter and garlic
• Place a liberal amount of the Butter Herb Garlic Mixture under the breast (skin) of the bird going deep towards the thigh
• Place a bit of Fennel Bulb, Carrots and Onions into the sprinkling of herbs
• Liberally season the outside of the turkey with sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper
• Lift bird with cheesecloth that has been whetted with chicken stock
• The cheese cloth should cover the entire breast
• Wrap the legs with aluminum foil
• Roast the birds according to the instructions given on the package
• Baste the bird every half hour with drippings

For the Gravy
• Drain vegetables from bottom of roaster
• Place vegetables into a blender and blend to smooth (be careful!)
• Place pureed vegetables into a saucepan
• Adjust to desired consistency with turkey stock
• You may thicken lightly with cornstarch aid add dry sherry or if you prefer, use a roux to thicken

• Equal parts of melted butter and flour cooked in a sauté pan till light brown. Add slowly to the gravy with a whisking motion so there are no lumps